Hello. My name is Christel (Lina is my middle name), living in London, a graduate, volunteering full-time (and now blogging part-time), striving to discover, unravel and fulfil the vision God set out for me – and I’m taking you on this journey with me!

I am on a mission to spread the truth; God’s truth.

I’ve had my share of people advising me to write; to advise; to counsel, to lead… to do something with myself basically… and honestly, I have always wanted to get into writing but never knew where or how to start. Although I used to write short stories as a college student (nothing I am too proud of today), with a new eagerness to learn and grow spiritually, my passion lies in sharing what I have learnt from God.

So here I am today – giving and sharing non-judgemental advice, suggestions and discussions on everyday topics, feelings and thoughts we young adults question and hold onto. And by doing so, I am keen to share with you; the good news for these concerns, questions and worries; the word of God and what He already promised for us for our situation(s); and the truth.

The one thing about Life I have learnt is that change is not an instant thing that happens overnight – instead, it is a journey, a process, a transformation. What better way than to share an understanding of this journey and our thoughts and experiences with each other? Along the way we fall, we cry, we hurt, we get hurt but the most important thing is to grow, adapt and accept that one is not perfect. I am one of God’s unfinished projects – you are another, and together, we are changing, growing, learning, maturing, multiplying, replenishing, transforming…………….


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