What Is ‘Unfinished Project’ (UNFXP) About?

Ultimately, Unfinished Project (UNFXP) is a platform for spreading and evangelising the living and alive word of God. UNFXP aims to bring a positive and impacting change to the way we think of ourselves and others around us; meaningful advice rooted in and inspired by the word of God; and discussions on life topics, concerns and interests we as young adults have. UNFXP will work to help us realise that, through the lessons and experiences we encounter on a day-to-day basis, God is constantly reshaping and moulding us… So why “Unfinished Project”? God – our Creator – has spent delicate, devoted and divine time on creating us – his “projects” (our flaws and all) -; and this journey (Life) that we are on, is the process in which He is investing, adding, planning, taking away, changing, recreating, destroying, waiting, replacing, fixing and polishing. He has not finished with us yet and will not abandon us nor forsake us, and is with us until His work is done and we reach the wonderful stage of excellence (and beyond) in which He planned, and plans for us. Read 1 Chronicles 28:20. During this time, we are continuously learning, making mistakes, recovering, gaining, losing, expecting, obeying, working and striving, so that we can grow spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and even socially.

Living in a generation where we are constantly bombarded with messages in the media, stereotypes, peer pressure, temptation and negative near-peer role models/influences, living according to the word of God almost seems impossible, a chore or a duty. Having said that, UNFXP strives to draw us closer to God;

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
~John 1:1, NKJV~

We go through different challenges and circumstances where they either make us or break us… When they break us we learn to trust Him, to lean on His Book of promises and understand what He has already declared for us; and when they makes us, this leads us to glorify, serve and obey Him. Feeding advice and sharing discussions based on the word of God means UNFXP is able to act as a channel to God and His word for everyday circumstances we face. The free word of God is the powerful navigation, the key and the path we ought to take on this journey. We need it to overcome obstacles, challenges and mountains (whether that be overcoming difficult family dilemmas, choosing fruitful friendships/networks, maintaining godly relationships, attaining a nurturing job, unlocking genuine happiness, removing heart-breaking sorrows e.t.c) or for understanding key lessons of life (how to love, trust, forgive, help others e.t.c) . UNFXP will encourage us to stay on track and bring us closer to our Creator.


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