Daily Plan: Forgiveness

 Forgiveness; Day 1/7

Forgive Others As You Wish To Be Forgiven

Forgive12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
~Matthew 6:12, NKJV~

 If we’re asking God to forgive us according to how we forgive others, this should encourage us to forgive more and purposefully without conditions and reasoning. We need to get into the habit of forgiving completely, easily and no matter how many times we are wronged so that we too, can be set free from the consequences of our wrong doings against God. Although this seems hard and easier said than done, if we reflect on what people do to hurt us as never measuring up to how much we hurt God when we sin, it may not seem so bad to forgive so often. It does not cost us anything; instead, we gain a lot more than what we lose. God himself tells us that when he forgives us, because of his unconditional love and mercy, and not through our own efforts, all of our sins are wiped out, forgotten and never to be remembered. Read Colossians 2:14. If we know God can do this with our sins, we need to let go of whatever we hold onto, which makes it hard to let go of that one thing he or she has done to us.

When we understand that forgiving is not only a form of unconditional love towards others, but is also a way in which we liberate ourselves from our transgressions against God and reassure ourselves of being right with Him, forgiving will become something we strive to do more often, to the point that we forgive effortlessly.

 If we can forgive others, we’re also asking God to forgive us so that we are liberated from guilt, shame and having fallen from His grace. We’re inviting God’s peace into our lives and with those who have hurt us.

If we can forgive others, we’re also asking God to demonstrate his love in us and through us so that we do not retaliate to temptation of returning evil for evil. We’re inviting God’s love into our hearts, our minds and our actions so that we close the door of pain and regret.

If we can forgive others, we’re also asking God to heal us of all known and unknown pain caused by those who hurt us. We’re inviting God’s blessings into our lives so that we are not encouraged to curse and magnify a situation. 

When we forgive without tallying up, measuring up and counting how many times somebody has done us wrong, we are able to reflect on how many times our merciful God has and will forgive us without tallying up, measuring up and counting how many times we do Him wrong.

Prayer Points
~ Ask God to grant you the grace to forgive those who have hurt you, so that He will also forgive you

~ Pray for strength to let go and move on from pain which holds you back from forgiving

~ Invite the peace of God into your life, so that you purposefully forgive others as you wish to be forgiven

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