Daily Plan: Forgiveness

Forgiveness; Day 2/7

Forgive Others Just as Christ Forgave You

Day 2

32And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.
~Ephesians 4:32, NKJV~

So day one we learnt that we should forgive as we wish to be forgiven because God’s forgiveness sets us free from transgressions; invites peace into our lives; liberates us from guilt; encourages us to love; heals us from pain and brings blessings into our lives.

Day two, I want to encourage us with that God knows it is not easy for us to forgive those who hurt us hence why He says to do even as God in Christ forgave uswe are to go by his example because Jesus has…

1) Already set the perfect example of forgiving the undeserving (us) – and as mentioned in day 1, what people do to hurt us can never measure up to how much we hurt God when we sin. Following the example of Christ will help lead us to forgiving those who we “think” do not deserve our forgiveness.

2) Suffered in our place, so that we can receive the free gift of God’s forgiveness for our sins. We did not receive God’s forgiveness through our own efforts or doings; God knew we would not have been able to carry the heavy debts of our own sins and die for them but because of His unconditional and everlasting love for us, he sent His only and Holy Son to die in our place. The same way we have received God’s forgiveness, not through our own strength, is the same way we will not be able to forgive others completely through our own strength so we ought to learn how to forgive by following God.

3) Also, God let go of a part so dear to him, so that we would be set free. For us, this means, we need to let go of the grudges and revenge we have allowed to mean so much to us, in order to set those who hurt us free, but also, so that we set ourselves free from the anger and pain which builds within us and leads us to resent people.

Forgiving, as mentioned, is not easy but when we can follow God’s example, we can learn how to do it and we can understand that although it is not easy for us, it is possible. Christ went through the impossible and unbearable to forgive us, but what God is asking of us will never be too hard to do. We should learn to live and love like Christ so that no matter how much or how many times we get hurt, forgiveness is only so natural to us, that what others do to passes us. Not that we are naïve to it all, but that we are filled with greater love than anger; greater peace than war; greater strength than pain.

Prayer Points
~ Thank God for his forgiveness you did not deserve or work for, but was a free gift which has liberated you and blessed you

~ Ask God to remind you what He has done for you when somebody hurts you, so that you do not forget how to forgive them like He did for you

~ Admit to God that you are finding it hard to forgive __*insert name*__ ; Ask God to give you the strength to forgive them as He did with you, because what they have done is incomparable to how you hurt God 

Original Photo Credit: http://listovative.com/why-forgiving-is-sometimes-important-10-reasons/

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