Daily Plan: Forgiveness

Forgiveness; Day 3/7

Forgiveness Brings Healing and Freedom

Day 3

Asking for the free gift of God’s forgiveness should be something we all humble ourselves to do regularly; receiving God’s forgiveness has its benefits which our pride cannot buy – healing from sickness and freedom from guilt, shame and the hands of the enemy which would only drag us to spiritual death…

3He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.
~Psalms 103: 3, NLT~ 

…But how does what I done wrong bring on a sickness that I would need healing from? Imagine it like this…

                    …Do you not find that when you feel guilty because you have done something wrong against God, you tend to hide away and allow self-judgement and condemnation to eat you up? You become demotivated to do anything revolving God – prayer, worship, meditation. You consider asking for his forgiveness but your “mind” tells you that what you have done is too bad and too big for God to forgive you. At this point, the mind is corrupted and ultimately, this changes your behaviour and your attitude becomes sour. You end up running away from God thinking that He hates you for what you done and begin living in misery or worse, in more sin because “I’ve already done damage”. Rather than enjoying life, you end up living in shame and darkness away from the glory of the Lord, turning your back on Him, too embarrassed to face Him.  This is how we become spiritually ill. We stop feeding our spirit with the word of God; we stop exercising our faith and putting our worries to rest. We lose track of our healthy intake of positive, uplifting messages and stop asking God to cover us with his grace. We become too tired to love, too tired to care and too tired of having hope in receiving blessings and good news. God’s forgiveness is the only medicine to break this chain of self-destruction.

Receiving His forgiveness rescues us from the kingdom of darkness – when we genuinely humble ourselves to ask for his forgiveness, we can believe that He not only forgives and forgets but He also takes the heavy load of shame off of our shoulders and carries us into His kingdom of light where we can continue living in His presence. His forgiveness releases us from the chains of guilt which weighed us down from lifting up our voices to Him and also uplifts us to praise Him for his everlasting love.

Prayer Points
Find yourself a quiet place that you can humble yourself before the Lord; confess your sins to the Lord and ask that He forgives you and heals you for each sin mentioned

~ Pray that God helps you to turn away from sin and to turn towards His way of Life

~ Thank God for his forgiveness, His healing and His freedom from sin and ask Him to guide you on how to live according to His words

Original Photo Credit: http://michelleharton.com/distance-healing

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