Daily Plan: Forgiveness

Forgiveness; Day 4/7

Confession of Sins Brings Victory

Day 4 

3Lift up your spear and javelin against those who pursue me. Let me hear you say, “I will give you victory!”
~Psalms 35: 3, NLT~

I hope to encourage us further in believing that when receiving God’s forgiveness, we are set free from our sins and healed from the consequences we suffer or suffered from as a result of sin. Bringing forward to God, our trespasses and iniquities demonstrates our need for His cleansing, purification and justification. When we hand over our sins to God, we are exchanging our ways of living, for a new lifestyle with Him and are asking Him to destroy those who held us captive in darkness and away from coming forward to him. As mentioned in Day 3, when we have done something wrong against God, we tend to hide away from Him and allow self-judgement and condemnation to eat us up, allowing the sin to rule our minds, our behaviour and attitude towards God. Because it is not easy to break away from this mind-set – and I’m sure if it were, we would never feel like this – it is so important that we gain the strength to walk with God and away from sin by asking and receiving his forgiveness. It is not easy, but this is what God’s forgiveness brings; victory. His forgiveness justifies us so that those who judge us cannot use what we done against us – it is no longer a valid statement to use in court. Those who wish to see us remain living in darkness, will fight us and feed us with lies to rationalise the thoughts we beat ourselves up with – if we allow these thoughts to win us over, we’ll become our own enemies. Thankfully, God’s forgiveness releases us from these chains that hold us down from walking back into God’s love and we gain his victory to overcome the thoughts that captivate us.

The purpose of this really, is to remind us that, rather than running away from God, thinking that he has rejected us and does not love us anymore, we should draw back to Him, kneel before Him and receive the grace to overcome those negative thoughts elimination from the love of God. The devil tries to make us believe that we are never good enough to be loved by God again, or that we have sinned so much that God will never truly forgive us. Remember our scripture from day 1? God himself tells us that when he forgives us, because of his unconditional love and mercy, and not through our own efforts, all of our sins are wiped out, forgotten and never to be remembered. Read Colossians 2:14. Let us not run away with our sins, but let us ran back to God with our confessions.

In exchange of our sins, God, being the only and true eternal source of redemption, will deliver us from the hands of the enemy and grant us with freedom and peace.

Prayer Points
~ Confess your sins to God and ask Him to wash away your sins and give you victory over the kingdom of darkness

~ Declare victory over all negative thoughts, attitudes towards self and God

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