Daily Plan: Forgiveness

Forgiveness; Day 7/7

Ask For Forgiveness Today!

Day 7

18Look on my affliction and my pain, And forgive all my sins.
~Psalms 25:18, NKJV~

So we have reached Day 7 /7 of our first UNFXP daily plan “Forgiveness”… I hope you’re not thinking “finally” (haha!) but nevertheless, I trust that you have grasped on a lot and are greatly encouraged by what we have learnt, and like myself, you’re looking forward to future posts to come!

Let us just briefly summarise on what we have learnt…

~ If we’re asking for God’s forgiveness according to how we forgive others, we should be willing to forgive without conditions, reasoning or judgement.

~ Forgiving others liberates us from the guilt we carry from our trespasses against God; invites love, peace and unity into our lives; and heals us from the hurt inflicted on us by those who do us wrong

~ God set the perfect example of how to forgive by having sent His only Son to die for us; we ought to learn to forgive those who do not deserve it as God done for us

~ Receiving God’s forgiveness sets us free from living in the kingdom of darkness and holding negative thoughts towards God, ourselves and those around us

~ We receive victory over the enemy and sin when God forgives us; we should run to God and ask for His forgiveness so that He can rescue us from captivity and restore light

~ When God forgives, he wipes away all of our trespasses and makes us alive by taking us away from the pathway leading to death; the ultimate wage of sin.

~ No one is perfect; we all need to receive God’s forgiveness and we all need to learn to forgive one another…

Overall, forgiveness is the key to, joy, strength, courage, light, comfort, happiness, peace, love, communion, friendship, healing, deliverance; and what we need to realise is yes, we receive these from God but what makes forgiving so powerful is that, we can unlock these gifts for ourselves from the moment we are constantly forgiving each other. How? If we get into the habit of deciding to let go of grudges, pain, anger, heartaches, abuse, shame, hurt, we are choosing to live in peace, through love, without misery, above pain and overall, as Christ!

Do not choose to walk through the dark tunnel of humiliation and shame before you get to the light of happiness. Break through the walls of pride and doubt now and ask for your freedom! God understands we are humans, like duh! He created us, but because He is not the creator of sin, He wants to protect us from further damage. Also, though we sin unintentionally, God wants us to purposely humble ourselves before Him so that He can comfort us until we are complete again to conquer any more challenges ahead of us…

Liberate yourself, your family, your friends, your partner, your neighbours today, and receive God’s love which heals all pain and affliction.

Original Photo Source: http://www.zastavki.com/eng/Nature/Sundown/wallpaper-75615.htm

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