Not Every Loss Is A Loss

8Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ
~Philippians 3:8, NKJV~

Has a friendship you had since you were both so little suddenly come to an end? Or have you been let go from the job you were just starting to settle into? Perhaps there is something you worked very hard for but right before the moment of completing or achieving it, things have not gone as planned?
Not everything we lose means we should dwell and remain in grief and sadness; there are some things we should actually rejoice in that it has ended and left us, and if we can begin to realise that not every loss is a loss but is a gain of something bigger and better than what we had our mind set on, we can begin to see that we ought to lose certain things which get in our way of having the best thing in our life, ever; Christ.

I want to encourage us on a couple of things…

Okay, so you did not get the job you spent hours researching and preparing for, despite the fact that you were dreading to attend the interview anyways. So they did not even call or email to say why you did not get it, let alone that you did not get it at all.
Remember when you applied for it, you were so desperate to apply for any job that you did not put your all in when writing that personal statement? Perhaps you did not miss this opportunity because you are not good at it, but because you are yet to realise the greater potential God has planted in you. God sees you as too gifted to go into somewhere that your skills and talents will not be exercised or executed in how He intends for them to be used, so He saves you from wasting your time and His plans. He has something better!
The only way we can really see the plans God has for us, is by letting go and letting Him manifest His ways over ours. We need to lose that eagerness to settle for anything when we have nothing, just so we have something, because God has many things purposely set aside for us. By having Christ in us, we will not have to second guess the path we are to take because He will guide us and bring our way, opportunities we never thought we’d have. Losing a job or not getting one is not the end of the world but trusting God on that He has something coming your way despite bad news will bring you into a new dimension of confidence, strength and power in times of disappointment and let down. Let God fill in the gaps of your life and before you know it, you will open that email or receive that call with an offer…

Quality over quantity; we hear this all the time but do we actually take it in when it comes to friendships and relationships? You can know somebody for 5 months and they can have better intentions for you than a person you have known or been with for 5 years. When we come to that point in life where we are constantly and diligently striving for a genuine relationship with Christ, we realise that every area of our life must encourage this urge to know him, including the friendships and relationships we hold onto. If a certain relation hinders our relationship with God, we must remember that we are allowing it to rob us of eternal happiness, stability, patience, joy, peace, freedom, success, power, life, potential, growth e.t.c. Now, this does not go to say that we will always be unhappy, unstable, angry, sad, in battle, captivated, a failure, weak, dead, unskilled or in decline if we have friends and partners, but think of it like this… When we gain Christ, we gain everything God has promised for us which cannot be taken away because Christ lives and remains in us. That means, even when things are not going well on the outside, we can remain at peace on the inside and live in with positivity and optimism because we have the grace of God upon us to carry us through. Yes we will go through struggles and storms and God will not stop caring or loving us. However, as you can imagine, people get tired. With conditional love in the flesh with humans, the moment things go wrong, what was once promised to us (to always be there for us; to always love us) is taken away causing tension, arguments, hatred and separation. Ultimately, we are left empty, sad, depressed, lost, demotivated… you name it! Yet, gaining Christ is gaining reassurance that no matter what He will stick by our side and love us eternally. Even in the loss of a potential life partner or best friend, you will always have a friend in Jesus who will never abandon you, never lie or turn his back on you.

Compared to the little we have lost, God has something great on the way and when we open our hearts to gain Christ, we will never lose what is supposed to be ours. Not every loss is a loss because if we are losing things to gain Christ, we are gaining everything we could ever need; a lover, a friend, a protector, a provider, a shield, a guide, a motivator, a comforter, a listener, a key, a safety net… the list is endless.

Photo Source: http://www.thesavourysoul.com/ts3uboaipjmhpdx7fbtgxhpf2pdxo4/a-lesson-on-life-from-a-tomato-plant-tips-for-letting-go-of-the-need-to-control

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