Daily Plan: Patience · Encouragement

The Waiting Game: Introduction

The Waiting Game

Before I go into this, I went through a period of my life in 2014, where I felt as though nothing I was asking for or working for was unfolding as I expected it to do so and although I had been waiting, I realised that I had not been patient. I needed to understand what it meant to be patient. I took almost 2 weeks away from social media and everyone to really study and meditate on the word, because although advice I was receiving helped, I was not absorbing it to the point that I felt satisfied with holding on a little longer.  I had no intentions of sharing anything with anyone because it was for my own understanding; however, with the birth and growth of UNFXP, I feel that this will help others.

Having said that, and technology being technology, it was only late last year/early this year that I lost my original notes because I had deleted an email address from my phone not realising that the notes had synced to that account… I was literally in tears. From this incident alone, I also learnt that patience does not just happen after 2 weeks of studying and meditation; patience is an on-going process which involves a change of lifestyle, attitude and experiences (all of which can take a long time).

Since then, it has been on my heart to do this study again but with the intention of sharing, so today I bring you “The Waiting Game” (originally named “The Red Light”)…



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