Daily Plan: Patience · Encouragement

The Waiting Game: Part 1



1I waited patiently for the Lord; And He inclined to me, And heard my cry.
~Psalms 40:1, NKJV~

 It is one thing to wait, and it is another to wait patiently; one could choose to wait whilst complaining, worrying, and questioning or not to wait at all but here, God tells us that by waiting patiently, He inclines. It is not the sole act of waiting that our patience roots from, but it is how we wait and what we do/do not do during this period of time. If knowing that waiting patiently means that God inclines to us and hears our cry, we can understand the importance of two things here:

Complaining only creates a cloud of sound which forms a barrier between us and God. Not to say that He will not answer but it could take us a little longer to receive a response because:

a) He will have greater mess to work through
b) We may be too focused on creating a list of things to complain about that we may actually   miss His answer/response

Silence ensures God is able to hear the genuine cry of our hearts when we are silent by mouth; God shows up because He knows where to easily find us and fix our state of mind rather than having to pick up many and scattered pieces of our broken puzzle thrown about in frustration along the way; patience in silence wins God’s attention and grants peace.

It takes a lot to leave something which is so close to our hearts in the hands of someone we may not hear directly from or right away but as we begin to leave more in the hands of God, we begin to worry less. Slowly but surely, the more we leave to God, the greater our freedom will be as our concerns are lifted up and taken off of our shoulders. As a result, when we see the author and finisher of our life unfold His promises and fix our problems, we grow trusting that is okay not to worry or complain despite not seeing what we have been waiting for before us.

The Waiting Game: Part 2

 Image Source: http://www.thesilverpen.com/breast-cancer-information-facts/breast-cancer-diagnosis/waiting/



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