Daily Plan: Patience · Encouragement

The Waiting Game: Part 6


Waiting 6a

8The end of a thing is better than its beginning; The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.
~Ecclesiastes 7:8, NKJV~

The ending of a race; of a battle; of a wait is always better than its beginning. At the beginning it is overwhelming, it is hard, it is nerve wrecking and the ending always seems so far and foreign but in the verse above, God reminds us that the ending is better than its beginning – we will have to hold on a little bit; we will have to suffer a little bit; we will have to be under a little bit of pressure for a little bit but the ending will prove to be worth it all.

There are two things to note here:
a) “its beginning” – God tells us that all (good and bad) starts will have a good, and better ending… so even if at the start, something was going well but after a while it took for a turn, it’s end, is better. It does not matter if you had to take a diversion along the way; where you are destined to be, you will get there. Even if at the beginning you were unclear of how to get there, you will get there in the end. God has already set in the ground that the end is better than its beginning – just imagine you are at the brink of giving up and a soft voice just whispers… the end of a thing is better than its beginning… this is reassurance that although we are yet to reach the end and the end even seems so far off, we are told that the end is better than what we can imagine and what we are seeing (or not seeing). That relief that the end is to come and it is a good end will strengthen us further to keep on going.

b) “is better” – Here, God is not saying “will be” as though we are to hope, picture and imagine the better ending; our all-knowing God tells us that the end is better than the beginning – STOP WORRYING! It is affirmed that the end is better than the now and how we started so we can now stop worrying and waiting whilst questioning ‘how; when; why; what’. To add, by God already telling us that the end is better, we need not to try and create a better ending through our own works; God has already sorted out that part of the journey… we just need to continue getting there.

I hope that, as I am encouraged to see patience as an on-going transformation of character, attitude, lifestyle and outlook on situations, you are also encouraged to strive for patience in all areas of your life. I cannot promise how long it will take for you to receive what it is that your heart is after but God has promised us things and with a patient heart, we will unlock these things and not just once, but over and over again throughout our whole life because it will not just be with things we are waiting for that our patience will strengthen us, we will also become strengthened in being a better person to serve God and to help others.

Original Image Source: http://ministry127.com/free-resources/powerpoint/victory-in-jesus


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