Keeping the Word Alive


“For the word of God is alive and active…”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭4:12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

The word of God is not just for when you are sad, depressed, troubled, mourning or under attack. It is not just a cushion for comfort during difficult times nor is it just a shield during battles but it is also a source of endless promises, hope, blessings, strength, wisdom.. The list is endless. However, unless we are actively engaging with it on a daily basis, it will just remain “the thing” we remember to run to for rescue. Yes, it is medicine to our lives for when we are going through emotional pain and spiritual attack but it is also daily bread for daily living; it is our food for survival. It is not just a book full of parables and metaphors for us to unravel and find the relevance to our circumstances; it is a book full of eternal instructions on how to live, and to face life and it’s realities; good and bad.

Suggestive Ways to Keep the Word Alive:

Pray God speaks to your Heart
Willingly ask God to speak to you through His word so that you can receive a revelation. Pray God guides you and opens your mind to understand, and your heart to apply His word to your life.

Check the Translation
Do you know and understand the translation of the bible that you are reading from? We tend to discard and/or avoid things we do not understand especially if they seem more daunting than pleasurable to read. I have always been told that the word is not there to confuse us or overwhelm us; it is to teach. It is hard to determine which translation is the “best” but if using an online version of the bible, it would be good to compare and/or see multiple translations at once.

Stand on a Scripture Per Day
Choose a scripture at the start of your day; pray and meditate on it throughout. Let it hold you up and guard you whenever the enemy tries to feed you with lies because the word is nothing but the truth

Keep It Sacred
Do not read the bible like an ordinary book – another tip I have always been told. It is special and alive because the word is God himself Read John 1:1. It is not a source of mystical entertainment which we get hooked onto, wanting to know what happens next…take small bites at a time; meditate and study them rather than trying to swallow large chunks without understanding or learning from it

Share It
Talk about it, bless and encourage others with what God reveals to you; there is always at least one person who consciously or subconsciously needs to receive the same message

Pray on the Word
“Father Lord, in Mark 11:24 you said that whatever I ask for in prayer, I should believe that I have received it and it will be mine so I pray for good health and a stable finance and believe that I am healed and have no worries for my job, bills and supplies of food, drink and clothes”.
Tell God you want his word to come to pass in your life, just as He declared it

Use Your Search Toolbox or Glossary for Key Words/Themes
Not knowing where to start with the bible is probably the most common reason as to why many do not engage with it. Although there is not one sole way to read it, I find it useful to search and read on what the word says about a thought; feeling; theme (i.e love, forgiveness, peace) I am pondering on.

Keeping the word alive is dependent on how we choose to make available; our heart, time and zeal to get closer to God. When we appreciate the bible as a holy guide through life, we will begin to live by it as supposed to just with it in our room or back pocket for the occasional engagement, if at all. Understanding that God wrote this over 2,000 years ago but it applies to our current period of time just goes to show how relevant, alive and powerful it is  

Image Source: http://www.ynnicymru.org.uk/blog/lights-out-in-uganda/


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