Stop Running and Stop Fighting


Before you jump to conclusion, do not worry, this is not UNFXP’s final blog post saying “pack it in, we’re done here, there’s no point, let’s just give up” – we are on a mission here! The title of this short post is the answer to a question. What we really need to ask ourselves is; what are we running away from; what are we fighting? Or better yet, who are we running away from and who are we fighting?  Having read the following scripture, I realised the person we all run away from and fight at some point in our life is God, but this scripture shut it right down for me…

For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.
~1 Corinthians 1:25~

What this scripture screams out at me is that no matter how long I try to survive on my own strength or go as far with my own wisdom; I will and always do need the strength and wisdom of God because even his foolishness and weakness is better than my own. Many times we get caught up in trying to fight, figure, fix, replace, change, remove, destroy, create or control something on our own and we only get so far before we end up giving into frustration, anger, demotivation or laziness. God’s mighty right hand is always ready to start where our strength ends but we forget or decide not to call on his help, and sometimes it can simply be because we want to feel that prideful sense of achievement. From the littlest thing to the most challenging, this scripture tells me that no matter how much I think “I know it all” or “I can do it on my own”, my confidence lies, or at least should lie, in Him. It does not go to say that I do not have the ability to accomplish something; or that I do not have a mouth of my own to speak; or that I do not have a mind of my own to articulate my own ideas but, I cannot continue thinking I can outdo God. No matter how passionate I am about something; whether it is a project I am working on or even an argument I believe I am winning in, I will need him at every single point and I just need to learn to humble myself and lean on his understanding on how to go about it.

In other words, we should not underestimate, overlook or ignore the power and wisdom of God. The sad thing is, sometimes we’re actually running or fighting on zero fuel without realising and rather than seeing results, we’re burning out and as a result, we lose momentum and faith. We think God has abandoned us and our prayer game goes out the window. However, once we realise he is the wisest and the strongest, even in the littlest things we try to achieve, we will sail through it. Where our helpless hands stop, His begins and where our judgement fails, His succeeds. Just stop running, stop fighting and call on Him to continue the journey with you; the worst that can happen is that He will finish it all for you…

Image Source: http://www.ecjarvis.com/blog/2016/11/5/lemons

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